Until June, the government announced a rent exemption

Until June, the government announced a rent exemption

The government has ordered a five-month lease exemption for government and municipal commercial buildings if the tenant can be classified into one of the 25 areas of activity listed in the government decree in effect from Wednesday.

The government decree was published in the Hungarian newspaper, and on Wednesday, the leases of state and municipal commercial buildings were enforced. Accordingly, from February to June, some enterprises that rent buildings owned by the state and local government or a state or local government controlled company with majority influence of the state or local government are exempt from paying the rent. The exemption, in addition to some activities, applies only to contracts concluded prior to the entry into force of the Regulation, especially those

The tenant of the affected property will start work by 4 November 2020.

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The scope of the government decree does not extend to the restaurant and buffet operator at work, the restaurant or bar in the accommodation facility, the canteen and buffet of the General Education Institution and the Vocational Training Corporation, the restaurant or the buffet at a healthcare institution, nor does it apply to Magyar Nemzeti Bank, a company under the influence of the majority of Magyar Nemzeti Bank.

Rent prepaid for the exemption period must be repaid by the landlord by March 15th if the tenant has it

  • Mobile catering restaurant,
  • Catering for the event,
  • Serving drinks,
  • screening,
  • Organizing conferences and trade fairs,
  • Sports training and recreation,
  • Performing arts,
  • Complementary to performing arts,
  • Operating technical facilities,
  • Museum activities,
  • Operation of a factory, a zoo, a nature reserve area,
  • Running a sports facility,
  • Athletic Association, Exercise Service,
  • Other sporting activities,
  • Amusement park, amusement park,
  • Physical welfare service,
  • Other entertainment, leisure time,
  • hotel service,
  • Vacation and other temporary accommodation services,
  • Camping service,
  • Other accommodation services,
  • Travel agency,
  • Or travel arrangements
  • Other passenger ground transportation activities.
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