Ubisoft launched the GoldenEye 007 edition!

In Arcade mode, one of the designers did an impressive job (we’ve shown it before), but the French publisher had to step in…

a Golden eyes 007 A timeless classic on the Nintendo 64, undisputed. Because of this, it’s no wonder someone would remake everything, but Far Cry 5 In sandbox mode, in Arcade mode. and the Ubisoft Everything swept off the table quite easily after MGM, and James Bond The licensees asked them to do so… (The interesting thing is that MGM, and thus the proxy IP address, will soon be available to Amazon, as they offered to take full possession in May!)

A mod called Krollywood YoutubeThe channel includes a bunch of videos that show you how to use Far Cry 5 Arcade to get the reproduction done. On the other hand, Modder revealed that Ubisoft sent him a letter after the French company also received a letter from MGM. It’s sad, but Playstation 4in and PlayStation 5He still has the tracks, and his work so far is available to him in the PlayStation cloud and on a flash drive.

He doesn’t know if there’s a legal way to make everything available again, but he thinks he’s now at the crossroads of MGM and Ubisoft. The kotaconak He said he was sad, but not because his three years of work were wasted there in public, but because other players had no way of experiencing the paths he created, which only used Far Cry assets, so he did nothing in them from GoldenEye 007.

Krollywood didn’t sell tracks for money, so he didn’t even make money from them. I just told Ubisoft Kotaku that it’s up to the track creator and licensee, and they have nothing to say about it.

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And we have what to do: this is how it completely kills the creativity of people who dare to create something with the tools at their disposal that are of no use to them at all…

Source: PCGamer

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