Microsoft PowerToys is Redmond’s Swiss army knife: it offers several tools that make the system easier to use. The tool already has a version of Windows 11.

The tenth version of the modern version of Windows is already equipped with many features that make it easier to use your laptop or PC. However, there are cases where additional help may be needed because the (factory) solutions offered by the interface work to a limited extent.

Microsoft PowerToys is designed to tackle this issue, which will be mainly appreciated by professional users. The free tool is a kind of Swiss army knife: it organizes functions like a cursor finder or a microphone/webcam mute at the touch of a button. Convenience tools are now available for Windows 11.

This last one is the program 0.49 update Thanks to which also got the modular design of the new roof. As for mute: this is a Video conference mute The point is that the user can mute the webcam and/or microphone connected to the device using a key of his choice. Use mouse finder to Find my mouse , which serves a similar purpose to the same (factory) tool in Windows – but much better. This is because pressing the CTRL key twice darkens the screen, while the cursor and location remain bright.

There are other useful tools in PowerToys. For example, you can rename multiple folders/files at once, or set your computer to never sleep. Recent improvements and above also work on Windows 10.

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