Two of the top 50 most wanted criminals were also arrested

Two of the top 50 most wanted criminals were also arrested

Last week, two other top 50 men in the loop were arrested by the Target Police Department of the National Reserve Police Bureau of Investigation (KR NNI) in Spain and England, he writes. the police. According to the letter, the international cooperation was successful in both cases. In the UK, TOP’s circled father also got stuck in the net and was also flown.

Arrested in Derby, UK, under international arrest warrants n. Tiburt and his father n. Janus. Both fugitives issued an international arrest warrant by the relevant court for budget fraud, Tibor N. added. to the Top 50 Most Wanted.

Investigators from the KR NNI Life Protection and Targeting Division Targeting Division, in collaboration with UK authorities under ENFAST (European Network of Targeting Units), have located both individuals in England. On March 23, 2022, as part of a coordinated action, the partners apprehended the persons surrounded by the circuit at two separate addresses. Father and son will be delivered later.

Police said there was nowhere to run for Miklós F., who was sentenced by the Gyula General Court to 8 years in prison for budget fraud. He is also the subject of another trial in DC court against him for budget fraud, where he could also face severe penalties if found guilty. Miklós F., because he wanted to avoid a harsh prison sentence that had already become final, so he left for an unknown location at the end of 2021. The search for the man began by the staff of the Crime Department at Kiskaba Police Headquarters, who decided that the circumnavigation was likely to travel to the outside.

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In order to get his hands on him, a European arrest warrant was issued for him, and the Kiskaba police crew, based on the information they obtained, participated in the arrest of the person who was also in the top 50. .

KR NNI’s Targeting Department contacted again the Spanish Central Targeting Unit, with the help of the ENFAST network, which it was confirmed that Miklós F. may be in Mallorca, Spain.

Spanish bounty hunters were able to identify the man on March 29, 2022, after an internationally coordinated and coordinated police action then captured him in the resort area of ​​Alcludia, Mallorca. Miklós F.’s extradition will be decided later.

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