A cseh Renata Zakova (fehér) és Özbas Szofi a szófiai cselgáncs Európa-bajnokság női 63 kilogrammos kategóriájának bronzmérkőzésén 2022. április 30-án.

Two Hungarian bronze medals at the European Conjuring Championships in Sofia

63-pound Uzbas Szovi won a bronze medal at the European Juggling Championships in Sofia on Saturday. The 20-year-old Hungarian, who previously won gold at the European Championships in three age groups, battled Czech Renata Zakova in her first European Senior Championship medal match, for the fifth time in her career. Of the four fights so far, the 21-year-old has only managed to take first place in the 2016 Junior Continental Championship, but since then Youth Olympic Champion Uzbas has proven himself even better, recently beating Zakova in the 2020 Grand Prix. Peace in Budapest.

Hungarian judo dominated the sixth standoff from the start, his opponent didn’t know what to do with his catch, then in the middle of the bout, the BHSE Olympian got Vasari to throw an inside hook. Seeing that Zakova was completely harmless for the rest of the time, Uzbas, who took the 50th bronze medal in Hungarian judo, was able to celebrate.

Later, Attila Ongvari, who weighs 81 kilograms, will also take third place on the tatami at Armic Hall.

Attila Ongvari, who weighed 81 kg, also won a bronze medal. Siegled’s pride in winning the third European bronze in his career clashed with Ukrainian Hevora Manoukyan, whose list of results included only third place in the World Cup. In their first meeting, 33-year-old Carvalle took a lot of initiative, and his opponent received two reprimands during the usual match time, but since there was no concrete action, the gold point could be extended. From this, I came out 1 minute 23 seconds, when Hungarian judo knocked a ten-year-old opponent to the ground and won the Vasari.

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Attila Ongvari (white) celebrates after defeating Ukrainian Hevora Manukyan. MTI / EPA / Vasil Donev

Ongvari – whose retired brother Miklos was sitting by the rug as a male captain last year – climbed to the third stage of the European Championship podium for the third time after the 2010 Continental Championships in Vienna and 2019, and also took the 51st bronze medal in Hungarian judo.

On the final Sunday, Krisztián Tóth and Roland Gőz will go tatami at the European Championships in Bulgaria at 90kg, Rigand Vég at 100kg and Richárd Sipőcz at +100.

Opening image: MTI / EPA / Vasil Donev

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