Trump will now rewrite the US Constitution

Trump will now rewrite the US Constitution

December 4, 2022 – 7:56 PM

The White House has sharply criticized Donald Trump for his outbursts against the American electoral system, the Democrats, tech companies and the Constitution. The former US president has made allegations on his social media site, Truth, that he has already won the 2020 election and that big tech companies are collaborating with Democrats against him.

Undoubtedly, however, his most serious claim was that, in the event of a fraud of this magnitude, all regulations, rules, and articles relating to the presidency, even those contained in the Constitution, may be disregarded or repealed. Thanks to this, he should be allowed to return to the presidency immediately.

The reason for Trump’s outburst was certainly Elon Musk’s announcement with great fanfare that he was going to reveal details of a case in which Twitter deliberately covered up the dirty affairs of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The story has since surfaced, revealing that Twitter applied its ban on hacked content to a New York Post article that exposed Hunter Biden’s private photos and information.

It seems very likely that Trump will be one of the Republican presidential candidates in 2024, which is somewhat overshadowed by the fact that he recently dined at his home with far-right activist and Holocaust denial Nick Fuentes and Kanye West, who recently tried to let everyone know how much he loves Adolf Hitler. And the Nazis. (BBC)

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