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Trump pleaded not guilty 24. He

Trump pleaded not guilty 24. He

On all four counts.

He pleaded not guilty to all four counts Donald TrumpA. writes BBC. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office brought criminal charges against the former US president for the third time in four months: this time he was brought to court over the transfer of power after the 2020 presidential election.

In the second case of USA v. Donald Trump, the following accusations have been formulated before Jack Smith A team led by a special prosecutor:

  • Conspiracy to defraud the United States
  • conspiracy to obstruct official proceedings,
  • obstructing and attempting to obstruct official proceedings,
  • Conspiracy against the exercise of rights (guaranteed by the Constitution).

At the hearing in Washington, Trump waited twenty minutes in the courtroom for the judge’s arrival, but in the end the politician was allowed to leave freely after the attorney general did not request his initial arrest. The next session is scheduled for August 28.

According to the indictment, Donald Trump falsely claimed after the 2020 presidential election that he had won the election, and was also aware of the falsehood of his claim. Moreover, according to the indictment, the former president attempted to exploit the chaos caused by the demonstrations of January 6, 2021, to delay the official certification of election results in Congress.

In the 45-page indictment, six accomplices are named, though they have not been named and have not been charged – at this time – but the Washington Post has identified five: Rudy Giuliani Lawyer, former mayor of New York.

Donald Trump is currently the most popular Republican presidential candidate of all time and regards the accusations against him as election interference and a politically motivated witch hunt. His latest case is described in our article below:

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