Toyota bZ4X will start sales in Europe soon

Toyota bZ4X will start sales in Europe soon

It will be delivered this summer For early European buyers Toyota’s first purely electric car to be marketed globally was called the bZ4X.

With all-wheel drive as well Subaru Solterra The vehicle, also available under the brand name, is the first model dedicated to Toyota’s electric vehicles On the e-TNGA floor plate. All-wheel drive, as is customary in electric cars, is solved by two electric motors.

The biggest sense of the car is that the battery is guaranteed for 10 years or 1 million kilometers, in contrast to the 150-200 thousand warranty, which is usual for other manufacturers. Of course, you should also consider what the guarantee promises. For Toyota, the battery percentage is at least 70%.

The car is equipped with a 71.4 kWh battery, which according to the WLTP cycle means a range of 516 km for the front-axle only version and 470 km for the all-wheel drive version. According to the press release, the average consumption of the previous ranges is 14.3 kWh/100 km and 15.8 kWh/100 km respectively, although multiplying the specific range and consumption gives a net battery capacity of 73-75 kWh.

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