Totalcar - Magazine - The Honda NSX Type S is made more powerful and lighter

Totalcar – Magazine – The Honda NSX Type S is made more powerful and lighter

a Honda NSX Perhaps one of the most complex powertrain cars today, it is no wonder that 2015 show Since then, they haven’t touched a system based on the exact harmony of three electric motors and a twin-turbocharged V6. The surprise is that they have now done so, with a total of 26 horsepower of additional power taken out of the system.

The more powerful NSX version comes under the Type S name and has an overall peak output of 608 horsepower. Of this, the 3.5-liter five-cylinder 527-hp engine with increased turbocharging can deliver – touring more than 20 times – and the remaining six horsepower surplus comes from the higher operating voltage of the new high-capacity battery.

Anyone with very little can order the car with the optional Lightweight Package, which can also carve 26.2kg off the NSX’s weight. Perhaps more important than that, however, is the shift-speed acceleration of the 9-speed dual-clutch transmission as well as the torque-vectoring capabilities of the electric all-wheel drive.

Most of the NSX Type S models will be manufactured under the Acura name: 300 of the 350 units will be dedicated to North America, while the remaining 50 Honda vehicles will be shared by other buyers. It also appears that this will be the end of the Type’s career: Production will be halted by Honda in Marysville, Ohio, after the Type S is manufactured.

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