Total Car - Magazine - Renault unveiled a sedan that civilians can't buy

Total Car – Magazine – Renault unveiled a sedan that civilians can’t buy

In the second half of 2022, an electric sedan called Mobilize Limo will be introduced, which will be offered to public transport companies and taxi companies in certain markets. Another interesting fact is that it is only available in the subscription system.

The real world premiere is expected at this year’s Munich Motor Show, and current photos have been shown in the online gallery. The total length of the car will be 4.67 meters, and the wheelbase will be 2.75 meters, which will mainly feel in the rear legroom.

For drivers, they focused more on ergonomics, but the design focus was clearly on the rear passengers: in addition to the flat floor, reading lights and USB ports, dedicated volume buttons were also designed for them.

Power also remained within reasonable limits, with an electric motor of 150 hp and a torque of 219 Nm. Of course, the focus was on range, with 449 km squeezed out of a 60 kWh battery, according to WLTP – Renault says it covers more than an average day for a taxi driver, but can absorb 250 km in 40 minutes at the speed of a charge. . Based on its benchmarks, the car is competitive, we’d be curious to see if the business model would work.


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