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This was the week in 2020 ‘the norm

This was the week in 2020 'the norm

At the end of the year, Marton Golias and Partizan burst into surprise, as a slave to the part of the weekly cast on a political talk show and weekly newspaper that broke records for the week of the week, and together they recalled the times when the show was not. Only the pinnacle of entertainment, but it also had a local platform.

At the outset, it is important to note that the author of these lines has been uploaded at the time of broadcasting the program, between 1999 and 2016, between the sixth and twenty-third years of his life, so that although he was normal. Spectator, he could only appreciate it later, especially in the early years.

However, there are also memories and impressions from the early years that have survived with me to this day about the show. I remember, for example, that the period between the launch of local commercial television and the ever-increasing Internet penetration in the 2000s was also a prominent place in the daily conversation about who did or said what in the weekly. Everyone had an opinion on this topic: family, friends, acquaintances and strangers, it is easy to remember this without citing the amazing sight of two million viewers.

This is why it is difficult to see how Janus Galvulgi, who has been on TV since 1968 at the latest, can downplay the show’s influence on public opinion, saying that he “never thought it influenced someone” with what he said there, and that “Change the history of Hungary”.

Of course, one should not – and should not – search for a direct correlation between the sentences and the weekly scenes and results of the weekly week, as Fidesz did after his defeat in 2002, but it is certain that the program, unprecedented in shaping political discourse, had a major role. The phrase “politics, scandal, Danube Duma, tabloid, gossip, Mountains of Stars” was not an empty slogan in this sense, but rather was a channel for dealing with common issues of the lack of public life, the frustration and indifference of the post-regime society. . This is the undeniable virtue of the show, and it has been properly explained by the former Partizan actors, who claim that under Orban’s first government they had the voice of “suburban people” and those “who had enough to sound stupid.”

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But this virtue, popularity and influence are a huge responsibility. During the broadcast, Andras Hajus argued that commercial television as a platform might place the weekly and its representatives in a different frame of responsibility, because they are “not the teachers sitting on public television” who say what they say with public money, just as the weekly is not public service news – but it was A fun commercial show.

Why cannot this argument – especially with regard to everyday political issues – be interpreted as merely a moral consideration that can be easily understood through a legal example in both old and current media law. This is because, as in other countries, we distinguish here, according to the viewing data, JBE, that is, media service providers with “high influence” (such as RTL), who are subject to different and stricter rules than those who are not viewed less. This is why we see news on TV2 and RTL, for example, but it is also a simple explanation that there are many other public service programs on various commercial channels, and therefore it is necessary to comply with a number of other requirements for programs to be broadcast here.

Of course, this kind of public service standards system cannot and does make no sense of accountability like this in editing a single program, which is not a news program.

The point of the example is that the freedom of commercial television for those who watch it cannot escape responsibility either.

Those who watch a lot have to take an exaggerated responsibility for who offends him, and in what style they rate Laszlo Griesbeek, and the show’s editor is concerned with the fact that the actors receive seven buckets of excrement from the audience.

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It has a responsibility not to exacerbate the cultural conflict – even 10 years after NER, the actors have shown no sign that, no matter how much they’ve gotten, out of the freezer – but to direct public discourse into a meaningful channel.

While no one in today’s weekly is being held accountable for being provocative, critical, sarcastic, or biased about the voice that has become his trademark, but for not knowing the extent and consistency in it, and not facing it to this day.

The program would have been sufficient to be consistent enough, for example, in matters like the prop that Andras Hagus mentioned so often in 2006 in the Hír TV popup, in which Ferenc Gyurcsany called for the resignation. We would have shown, not only and exclusively, the protesters behind the riots at the time, if the program was supposed to have once been “The Voice of the People” and “The Voice of Residential Complexes” a few years ago. No, instead, after 14 years, Hagus has been sent to Hell for his work (perhaps Judette Hernadi is the only refreshing exception), and Laszlo Kerry put the point on Anna by saying that he “went to Fletó” after the protests. He also gently asked to resign.)

But it would also be appreciated not to talk about the previous short-lived offers of Istvan Kovac “Coco” and Sandor Fabry in the weekly week, as if their ego did not really fit their existence, and because they were “not the team’s players”. (Father, he could have said a lot but a lot of things he got rid of for Sandor Havas Henrik Fabry, which would have been real and legitimate, but no, he remembered being “illegible” and uneducated).

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I write all this with Weekly Week as it is one of my favorite shows. Also at Partizan, he was able to entertain at a high level despite the tantrum in addition to that, and Andras Kern’s messages captured remain my fondest TV memories at the time.

Weekly Week has done a lot to get people really interested in politics and not escaping into a world of entertainment, reckless and apolitical indifference. I sincerely hope there is another show like Weekly Week. This is not exactly one, but it retains all of its virtues, but it removes the hatred and arrogance that we have left for us and that we still torment in this country.

You can watch the cut broadcast on Partizan Channel at the following link:

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