This is the place everyone should see

This is the place everyone should see

– We chose a latent place near Tusnad Bath, and if we have traveled so far, we have of course seen the sights of the area, and come to places where no tourists are, or very rarely. We can still admire the Torday rift in fine weather, but in vain we have traveled more than 200 kilometers, we can see nothing of Biella Falls due to rain and fog, but the Transvagarians made up for us. We had a lodging in Tesnad, and although we didn’t see bears at the time, the electric shepherds, bear safe houses, and a roaring signal at night indicated we were in the right place. Delicious, funny – the next day we toured the country in a jeep, and thanks to our chauffeur, Irvin, Chudd’s father, we got a taste of Zicklers’ thinking, holding sense, and amazed at how beautiful she was. They speak our mother tongue.

– We went up to the so-called. To the mountain of priests, where he jokingly said that he could guess anything about his origin, we could not check it anyway, we went to the mouth of the river – it is a summer residence of shepherds and sheep, where you can buy fresh cheese, but not bacon, and we came to Csinód, where the world of mountain shepherds looking to get lost appeared. It is the small hidden village of Csango where electricity was only introduced a few years ago and where there is no asphalt road to this day. – The most famous attraction of the settlement is associated with the ethnographer Balázs Sepsiszéki: years ago he was struck by lightning, he lost his memory, but on his hospital bed he saw a woman who not only comforted and encouraged him, but was also entrusted with a task: he asked him to work. Palaz recovered and built a church and an altar with his wife and two children. The Clear Ear – The next day came the Stink Cave, also known from Saint Anne’s Lake and Moore Jokai’s Bálványosvár novel, and from Ferenc Santa’s short story Many We Were, and then the real target: the bear. Following strict rules, we could enter the room only as silently as possible, and, barely having to wait 20 minutes, the first bear, Bella, whom our driver knew by his broken ears, arrived. “He acted as if we weren’t there either, and we found out that the bear attacks beliefs only if he has to defend himself, or if he feels his superiors are in danger. Of course we didn’t do anything like that, we just admired how he lives in the beautiful mountains of Transylvania. We’ve been waiting for him for two and a half years, but he understands, and we don’t have time now, so we’ll be back.

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