This is how you spot narcissists

Psychologists from the University of Helsinki have developed a new method for detecting people with a narcissistic personality, he writes Medical Express. Narcissists treat the entire world as their own empire, and they don’t consider other people’s needs important. They are often stubborn and jealous, and feel they deserve everything they want. The majority do not like the company of such personalities, they usually judge their behavior negatively.

It is not easy to identify narcissists quickly. Photo: Getty Images

It is not easy to live in a relationship with such a person, but of course it is not necessarily possible to notice what the problem really is while getting to know them. the new Stady Try to help with that.

The research involved 57 people previously identified as narcissistic personalities. Each of them had to complete challenging cognitive tasks. They then placed sensors on their faces and had to listen to how they performed on the test. One group received positive criticism, another neutral, and the third negative criticism.

The researchers found that these Those who received a bad evaluation unconsciously flicked their faces a few timesEspecially on their foreheads and smile muscles. But all this only lasted for a split second. At the dawn of a new relationship, this involuntary reaction can be a telltale sign. True, you need to be very alert to notice this.

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