This is how you can protect yourself from unwanted phone calls

This is how you can protect yourself from unwanted phone calls

Spam calls have been around long before the advent of smartphones, but at that time there was no mature response from these users. With the advent of smart devices, it has become easier to block them, yet many users do not take advantage of the opportunities they provide. However, in the case of Android mobile phones, it is especially easy for people, writes A HTTech.

The process of blocking unwanted calls is very simple, most devices come with the Google Phone app pre-installed. If not, you can get it for free from the Play Store. To many, the app may seem like a simplified version of the basic dialer, but it offers several protection options for everyday use, including blocking spam calls. The function can also be activated by following some simple steps:

Open the Google Phone app and tap the menu icon in the upper right corner. Next, select the Settings menu item. Here, tap on Caller ID & Spam marked with an exclamation mark under Help Mark, where you can check if Show Caller ID & Spam is on. If you have this, you can prevent suspected spam calls from harassing you by setting the spam and fraud blocking function under the blocked numbers list.

It is worth noting that the dialer only considers those callers who have been flagged as spam by other users as spam. Numbers that are not marked as spam will still be able to call you.

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