Ennyivel lehetnek nagyobbak az iPhone 14 Pro-széria kijelzői kép

This is how much iPhone 14 Pro Series screens might be

The analyst believes in how much extra space we can gain by getting rid of the sensor island.

If all goes according to the schedule seen in previous years, Apple will unveil its next-generation mobile phone, the iPhone 14 series, in September. There are a lot of rumors circulating about the devices but Most of the leaks agreeThat the so-called Pro models will not be present in the more expensive Pro models. “notch”, a suspended sensor island that hides the facial recognition sensors and the front camera.

The black bar can be replaced by two smaller slots where Face ID, the self-timer camera and the speaker can be hidden. If this really happens, it will also slightly increase the useful area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe screen, and the analyzer is already thinking about exactly how much.

Display specialist Ross Young shared on Twitter how he sees how the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max screen will change in size compared to the iPhone 13 Pro series. According to his post, the discrepancies are due not only to the disappearance of the degree, but also to the coffee, which has become narrower.

As you can see from the post, Young isn’t expecting a huge increase: the iPhone 14 Pro can only offer a 0.6-inch screen and the 14 Pro Max is 0.1 inches larger than the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. This is basically imperceptible to the naked eye. It will be a difference and will not affect the feeling of use at all in terms of sheer volume.

Incidentally, Apple last increased its mobile phones to the iPhone 12 Pro series launched in 2020, with the Pro base at 0.26 (5.8 to 6.06) and the Pro Max at 1.68 (6.5). to 6.68 inches. If we can believe the rumours, the iPhone 14 could make all the difference to base models, with leakers believing that the 5.4-inch iPhone mini will be gone and replaced by a well-sold 6.7-inch (as far as Apple can talk about it). The model can be grabbed like the iPhone Max.

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