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This is how half of the Hungarian internet was shut down on Monday afternoon

This is how half of the Hungarian internet was shut down on Monday afternoon

Since around 5:00 PM on September 4, many local internet portals have been difficult to access or simply inaccessible to users.

the Ipon. hu He first indicated that there might be trouble in the house with the internet, as it became difficult to access the Internet, for about an hour. However, no local service provider has provided official information about what exactly happened.

And with Downdetector’s interface – which monitors real network problems and outages – it was possible to see the unavailability of Facebook, Twitch, Messenger or even the Roblox interface, which is very popular with children, in a matter of seconds.

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According to the comments on the Discord community site channels, the lockdown may have affected a large part of our country, but the error was not nationwide. Lockdown was mostly typical of major cities.

Finally, between six and seven o’clock in the afternoon on Monday, the situation returned to normal. Based on user feedback, it was possible to see that Digi subscribers are the most affected by the problem.

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