They wanted to steal 32 million dollars in Chile

March 09, 2023 – 00:02

A security officer and suspected thief were killed in a shootout at an airport in the Chilean capital, Santiago, on Wednesday when attackers attempted to steal more than $32 million in cash from a flight from Miami, The Guardian reported. News agency.

Manuel Monsalve, Minister of State for the Interior, said that about ten “heavily armed” thieves managed to circumvent security measures. Their goal was to get to the Latam Airlines plane on the tarmac that was carrying $32.5 million in cash. The attack was timed when they wanted to transfer money on an armored truck.

A shootout ensued between the robbers and the security forces, during which a DGCA employee and a suspected attacker were killed. The other robbers fled. Two burnt vehicles were later found nearby.

“The gallant action of DGAC officials thwarted the robbery,” Monsalve said, noting that the would-be robbers were “well organized” and “heavily armed”.

A video posted on Twitter showed what appeared to be bullet holes in a Delta Air Lines plane parked next to the targeted LATAM.

Another video appears to show a shooting moment during which several gunshots are heard.

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