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They may have solved the mystery of the mysterious Havana Syndrome that attacks American diplomats

They may have solved the mystery of the mysterious Havana Syndrome that attacks American diplomats

The mysterious disease was discovered in 2016 at the American embassy in Havana, hence its name. A US intelligence report published last year even claimed it was “highly unlikely” that foreign actors were responsible for the diseases.

However, a joint investigation by Insider, 60 Minutes and Der Spiegel has now concluded just that

A Russian military intelligence unit called GRU 29155 was present at the sites where the diseases were reported

– writes A Reuters.

Newspapers also reported that they were leading members of Unit 29155 “Non-lethal sonic weapons” They have received awards and promotions for their work related to its development.

Symptoms of the disease include migraines, nausea, memory problems, and dizziness.

According to an Insider report, the first appearance of Havana Syndrome symptoms may have occurred earlier in 2016. It is likely Two years earlier, attacks also occurred in Frankfurt, Germanywhen a US government employee stationed at the consulate there was knocked unconscious by something similar to a powerful energy beam.

Kremlin on Monday He denied itThat Russian military intelligence was behind the mysterious Havana Syndrome.

This is by no means a new topic. The issue of the so-called Havana Syndrome has been exaggerated in the press for years, and has been linked from the beginning to accusations directed at the Russian side.

Announce Dmitry Peshkov Kremlin spokesman.

According to Peskov, no convincing evidence of Russia's involvement has been presented so far, and the current reports are merely baseless accusations by the media.

The Pentagon confirmed that one of its senior officials showed symptoms similar to Havana Syndrome during last year's NATO summit in Vilnius.

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