“They eat food and furniture and people run away” – the tragic situation in Australia

Everything was destroyed by rodents.

The rat situation in some parts of Australia, including New South Wales, remains dire.

Early in March, we wrote that a small infestation of mice had afflicted small settlements in the island nation for decades, and local videos showed that in many places it was impossible to move around late at night, as many rodents were running around the ground. , Shopkeepers would spend half a day cleaning rat droppings; It also happened that people in the hospital were bitten by a rodent.

Now BBC has produced Raw Compilation About the situation. A farmer tells him that on the farm, animals destroyed cars, tractors, refrigerators and microwaves, and chewed cables – on his land, rodents wiped 50-60,000 Australian dollars (11-13 million Ft) in hay and grain alone. Here are some powerful sentences from the report:

Wherever they go, they go.

There are plenty of mousetraps and traps in and around the home – but only a fraction of the mice can be captured.

At night, you hear them in bed running around the bedroom, and you hear crackles as they run across your pillow.

They enter the kitchen cupboard, eat food, eat furniture, and people run away.

One woman says the smell of live rodents is bad, but the smell of rotting dead mice is foul and frightening. Another farmer also complains about this, saying it is what prefers the most to humans: the smell of live and dead mice that pervades the air. He adds:

Hopefully, the mice also have their Covid.

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