Indicator – Outside – Almost two meters of snow fell in New York state

According to data from the US National Weather Service, 196 cm of snow was reported in Orchard Park, a suburb of Buffalo, located next to Lake Erie, and 180 cm of snow was reported from Natural Bridge, which is close to Lake Ontario.

And the Meteorological Service indicated that another snow storm will hit western New York state on Sunday and the first half of next week, with new snowfall expected by about 40 centimeters near Lake Erie and about 60 centimeters on the shores of Lake Ontario. Winter weather warnings are in effect for five states in the northeastern United States.

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul on Saturday asked people living in the affected area of ​​the state to stay home for the next 4-5 days and get enough food.

Football fields are also covered in snow

The blizzard disrupted public transportation and many flights were cancelled.

Due to severe weather, the Buffalo Bills professional American football team’s home game on Sunday against great rival Cleveland was moved to Detroit, after their field was also covered with several tens of centimeters of snow.

The blizzards in New York State were caused by the so-called “lake effect,” the essence of which is that steam over Lake Erie and Lake Ontario is blown by icy winds over coastal areas, where it sometimes snows with thunder and lightning. Goes – MTI reported.

They flooded Twitter

Local media and residents flooded social media with footage of the blizzard. There have been many photos and videos of the huge amount of snow that has fallen in the state of New York in recent days.

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The NBC News It stated that more than seventy members of the National Guard were deployed in western New York to help residents deal with the repercussions of the storm.

It also snowed in Hungary

As previously reportedIt snowed for the first time in Hungary this year on the morning of November 19. According to the meteorological report of Időkép, the air temperature reached minus 5 degrees in two settlements. Regéc and Bankut were the coolest.

By November 20th Snow is expected again in the Trans-Danubian part of the country. On Sunday, the morning may start to be rainy in several places, in Transdanubia and in the mountains, mixed precipitation, sleet and sleet may occur in some places. However, by the afternoon, it will stop raining in most places, and clouds will begin to separate from the northwest.

(Cover photo: A man shoveling snow in Orchard Park, New York, November 19, 2022. Photograph: Carlos Osorio/Reuters)