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They bought a legendary galactic animal they had never seen before
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They bought a legendary galactic animal they had never seen before

They are partying on a farm near Darlington: the Nesbitt and Parker families have bought ten white and three black Hungarian sheep, so the legendary breed will be seen in the UK for the first time, which, according to contemporary records, has arrived in the UK. The Carpathian Basin with the conquering Magyars and nowhere else can it be found except where the Magyars live.

Happy owner
Photo by Steve Nesbitt

Of course, this does not only mean Hungary: Darlington and Stockton Times According to his report, there are only 3,000 specimens of very rare sheep left, most of which are in Hungary, but they also live in Germany and Austria.

In any case, the sheep of the rack come to the farm in England from Hungary, and the managers of the place have traveled to our country just for them, they claim, they have always liked the way they look. They come in May, which means they haven’t yet gotten to see Yoho in person, the IAAF World Championships Budapest mascot, who is also a ragtagoh. According to the organizers Especially many sheep lived in the exact area where the main venue of the largest sporting event in the history of Hungary, the National Sports Centre, is now located.

These animals have the most amazing horns, they look like they came out of a Harry Potter book

– enthusiast Steve Nesbitt, who can’t wait for the animals to finally get to him across the Netherlands. He added that he hopes that the rack sheep will follow the same path as Wallis’s black-nosed sheep, which appeared on the island a few years ago. Everyone wanted to see it because of its uniqueness, and now it can be found on more and more farms and is very popular among the residents.

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