There is one place in the country where they don’t measure speed

At the Balaton Park Circuit’s inaugural press conference, Gianpaolo Matteucci, a member of the circuit’s board of directors, said that every member of the group of private investors who dreamed up and financed the facility believed from the first moment that this course was possible.

This facility is built in accordance with the highest safety requirements set forth by the International Automobile Association and the International Motor Sport Federation, thanks to which it can host almost any competition. A four-star hotel with 145 rooms is under construction, and will be completed soon, and the rooms there directly overlook the track

Mattucci said. He added that he hopes the racetrack will give a new impetus to tourism in the region and also play an important role in job creation.

Course designer Ferenc Gulacsi Because of his illness, he talked about the construction of the asphalt strip in a video message. Like he said, it was a team effort, and in the process they tried to take out the minds of the competitors.

We primarily considered three aspects when designing, namely safety, sustainability and the challenge facing competitors

said the designer.

Giancarlo Fisichella The three-time Formula 1 race winner was the first to drive a Ferrari along the asphalt strip. The fifty-year-old pilot said it was an honor to be the first to pilot the Balaton Park racetrack.

Right at the end of the house there is a good chance of overtaking, and right behind I think you can reach speeds of 250-260km/h with a racing car, and up to 300km/h with a Formula 1 car.

said the Italian pilot.

Dancso Adrienne, The Balaton Park Circuit’s motorsports department operations manager explained that they have 40,000 square meters of circuit space at their disposal, there are 48 pit lane garages, and they use a state-of-the-art race management system called MyLapsX2.

The competition calendar has opened

We hope that as many people as possible from the various series of competitions will decide to compete with us in the near and distant future

announce. He added that they did not want to “take away” Formula 1 from Hungary, because this racing series “belongs there”.

A hot psalmThe Mayor of Balatonfukujar stated that the area is ready to host major sporting events, and the construction of the Balaton Park circuit will give a great boost to tourism.

This track will attract tourists who love cars and motorsports, and will put Balatonfőkajár on the world map for both sports. In addition to all this, our accommodation providers will be able to accommodate additional guests, and the facility will also provide employment opportunities for local residents.

said the mayor.

Official: The Balaton sailing season has begun

The sailing competition season on Lake Balaton kicked off with the season-opening sailing competition and the lake culmination. 235 people entered the competition this year, and once again the Cali team was the first to enter. Read more >>>

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