There is a huge benefit in quick loans

There is a huge benefit in quick loans

The demand for fast restart loans is huge: In points managed by OTP Bank, thousands of companies were already interested in a new interest-free scheme for companies facing difficulties due to the Coronavirus pandemic – written by Hungarian nation on Thursday.

Stakeholders will borrow an average of 8 million HUF. The amount indicated in the applications accepted into the credit institution is already close to 2 billion

The newspaper said.

The maximum interest free amount is 10 million HUF, which is sufficient to start the payment in 3 years.

Photo: György Kallus / VG

Quick loans can be applied for by companies and associations in 55 sectors. The resource can also be used to buy stocks, cover operating costs, pay wages and contributions, and finance overheads.

An important condition for the loan is for the attorney to have a closed business year for the year 2019, because the amount raised cannot exceed the 2019 sales revenue.

According to data for the first week, most OTP Bank applicants work in the accommodation and hospitality industries, as well as arts, entertainment and leisure services. Companies in the provinces of Budapest and Pest, as well as in northeastern Hungary, were the most active.

After answering a few questions on the OTP Bank website, anyone can find out if their company qualifies for a quick loan – read on Magyar Nemzet.

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