There are only six places to rent for Let's Do the Festival!  in the finals

There are only six places to rent for Let’s Do the Festival! in the finals

Let’s do the festival! Its end would be the best Hungarian strike of the past 100 years. Three songs from the first semi-finals have already reached the finals, which will join the duo Miklósa Erika-Dolhai Attila, as well as Janicsák Veca and Varga Miklós in the second semi-finals on May 7.

The Danube Big Show is approaching the second round of the semi-finals. Ten hits will compete again on Saturday, 3 of which will qualify for the May 21 finals of the show. The stakes are high because 7 songs will bid farewell to production. Let’s do the festival! One of the jury members, Andrea Palaz In the program of the Asr Danube magazine, Marium I say a lot, a very exciting semi-final is expected on Saturday night.

“I must remind myself several times that I am sitting on the jury, because when I hear this music I am captivated by my feelings, I dance, but often my tears flow. As a result of these blows, my memories of that time also remind me.” Andy Palaz admitted. He also added that it’s very interesting to see how the songs of the 2000s stand out with a song from the fifties, for example.

So a veritable parade of styles is expected on Saturday as well,

Where the songs are performed, among other things, in a gyrgyz-first performance with the Szállok song, in the translation of Lady „N” Peter Šrámek, or from László Kissai Szájbergyerek. In addition, the production will wear a new dress, and the stage image and choreography will also be renewed.

current broadcasts not only on TV but also on the Internet, Viewers can also follow it on the media flicks page, where previous episodes and productions can also be revisited. And more additional content Fans of the show are welcome to the Danube Instagram page.

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Let’s do the festival! After the three semi-finals, the final will take place, in which the Hungarian stars will take the stage with a total of 9 performances. At the end of the show, the jury and the audience can choose the best Hungarian song of the past 100 years.

Let’s do the festival! – On the Danube on Saturday 7 May from 19:35!

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