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The women’s handball team can take a giant step towards the 2024 Paris Olympics

The women’s handball team can take a giant step towards the 2024 Paris Olympics

The main goal of the Hungarian national team at the Danish Norwegian Swedish World Women’s Handball Championships, which will be held from November 29 to December 17, is to get closer to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Flagimir Golovin’s national team is currently preparing for the global event in Tilke, and at the press conference before the World Cup, in addition to the national team’s captain Katrin Kluber, Petra Vamos and Blanca Budi Biro, as well as the president of the Hungarian national team. Handball Federation Ferenc Elis also spoke with media representatives.

The focus is now on the 2024 Paris Olympics

The Hungarian national team has been in a training camp in Tilke since Monday, and on Saturday and Sunday, it will play two preparatory matches in the Netherlands before the World Cup, which is jointly organized by Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Vladimir Golovin’s team will meet Paraguay, Cameroon and Montenegro in the group stage in Helsingborg, where the top three finishers will qualify for the semi-finals, where the Hungarians will meet the four runners-up of Sweden, Croatia, China and Italy. Senegal in Gothenburg. After that, the top two teams advance to the quarter-finals, and the World Championship winner qualifies for next summer’s Paris Olympics (if France succeeds, the silver medalist qualifies). The six national teams following the final winner – who do not have a place or qualifying quota – will also be in a favorable position, because they can participate in one of the qualifying tournaments in April.

The goal of the Hungarian national team – which will host the European Women’s Handball Championship alongside Austria and Switzerland in 2024 – is to secure one of the qualifying seats for the Olympics, and this goal was also confirmed by the President of the Hungarian Handball Federation, Ferenc. Elias at the beginning of the press conference.

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According to MKSZ President Ferenc Elis, the Hungarian team’s preparations have been successful so far.Photo: Attila Poliak – Origo

“This will be the first world championship since my inauguration, and I am looking forward to it with as much excitement as the girls and the fans. I know what it means to play in such a World Cup qualifier, I have been part of it before. We must continue the good tradition against Montenegro, and besides The boys will also be playing for Montenegro soon. The goal is to get one of the Olympic qualification places, one of the top eight, but maybe ninth place will be enough. Preparations have gone well, there are still two matches remaining, and we hope that the girls will be able to attack the opponents with full force. “You don’t need a bigger incentive than getting to the Olympics,” stressed Ferenc Elis, who was followed by national team captain Vladimir Golovin.

He added: “It is clear that our situation is not hopeless, we have been preparing for the World Cup for a long time, and we have studied our opponents for some time. We are trying to achieve the goal set by the association, but obviously the opponents have big goals as well. The most important thing is to be better than our competitors on certain days. We will do everything for the specific goal, which everyone understands, and we want to achieve it together.” said the national team captain, then talked about the opponents and the possibility of their continuation.

Head coach Vladimir Golovin has already thoroughly analyzed the group’s opponentsPhoto: Attila Poliak – Origo

“There are also teams from South America and Africa in our group, they play in a completely different style, but we know more about Montenegro. We will be at our best before the third group match and we want to reach the top eight. A good start is important, and the match against Montenegro can give us extra confidence, and if all goes well, we can start against the Croats in the next stage. “After that, the host Swedes could come, who will at least get to the podium, but we know them and we can surprise them,” added the 53-year-old professional.

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The women’s handball team is looking forward to the World Cup in great shape

According to Ferencvaros Blanca goalkeeper Buddy Biro, who is in excellent condition, the most important thing is for the national team’s defense to be stable, as this can provide the basis for a great World Cup appearance.

“We know that Montenegro has injuries, but we just have to deal with who we have to play against. I am confident that good goalkeeping and organized defense can be the basis of everything, and this has been proven many times during my career. We have talked a lot about this key factor and we hope that many words can be measured by the work on the pitch as well. We want to achieve our goal as a united and confident team. “The good performance I have shown in my club recently, I would like to take it to the national team as well,” said goalkeeper Vradi.

The Hungarian national team can benefit greatly from the excellent form shown by Blanca Bude Béro at the World Cup.Photo: Attila Poliak – Origo

According to Petra Vamos, a DVSC player, the national team can benefit a lot from the fact that Debrecen is in the Champions League this season, where it is performing great.

“We feel the positive effects of playing in the European Championship. Before the World Championship, it took me a few matches to improve the pace, but now I can get into the rhythm faster, because we performed well in the European Championship in the World Cup. Down. We are capable of achieving heroic victories, and the national team can benefit greatly from them. “We regularly play against the best in the world, and we can also benefit from that in the national team.” Petra Vamos stated.

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Petra Vamos (centre) plays for Debrecen in the English Premier League every week this yearPhoto: Attila Poliak – Origo

Thanks to the form of Katrin Kluber, the right winger who scored goals for Vradi, the green and white team has been playing more effectively lately, and the positive atmosphere experienced by the club can also be seen in the national team.

He added: “Fortunately, the atmosphere and quality of training sessions and matches have changed. It was important to move in the right direction with the club, because the national team needs that.” I am very happy that our results are good, because an important international competition starts at the end of November, and we came to Tilke in a good mood and looking forward to the matches.” – Ferencvaros’s 24-year-old teammate said motivatedly.

Catherine Kluber confirmed that the Hungarian national team is looking forward to the World Cup in a great moodPhoto: Attila Poliak – Origo

Due to injury, the national team captain cannot count on Melinda Cikora, Kinga Janorek, Dorotea Fałówje and Zandra Szolosi-Zacek in the next tournament, and there will be others missing, but the Hungarian national team can still go to the World Cup strong. Experienced team and players.

The Women’s Handball World Cup will be held with the participation of 32 teams in Norway, Denmark and Sweden from November 29 to December 17. The Hungarian national team is located in Group Two, along with Paraguay, Cameroon and Montenegro.The six national teams following the final winner – who have no place or qualifying quota – can participate in one of the qualifying tournaments in April. If the World Cup is 2-7. If a national team that previously received direct Olympic qualification finishes in the top ten, the right to participate in the Olympic qualification goes to eighth place in the World Cup (if several such teams are in the top seven, then ninth place).

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