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Do not travel to these places if you care about nature

Ne utazz ezekre a helyekre, ha törődsz a természettel

After the coronavirus epidemic ended, tourists began again in the world, and people flooded the places where it was good to be able to breathe. The problem has only temporarily disappeared, and the growing number of travelers is causing more and more damage, in many cases beyond repair, to the most popular destinations.

Fodor’s Travel, which is popular in the English-speaking world, has compiled a list of places where it is not worth traveling in 2023. The There is no listIn addition to the locations where the immediate presence of tourists causes problems, there are also destinations that are particularly sensitive to climate change and would really be affected if nature did not have to deal with the growing crowds of people.

Italy clearly belongs to the first category Venice: The number of tourists visiting the city increased by 172 percent in the first half of this year compared to the same period in 2021, which led to all the negative consequences, including the waste of canals. The city is also taking action on this matter, and that’s for sure: starting in 2023, travelers to Venice will have to change tickets.

The problem can be felt in California Lake TahoeAlso in: Many people have taken vacations here in recent years, and due to the increase in vehicular traffic, the water quality has started to deteriorate dramatically.

The Danube River near Novi Sad in Serbia on August 29, 2022

Water, or lack of it, is a problem in many places: this includes Rhine and Danube region, so the affected regions of Hungary were also added to the list. This year’s not-so-sultry summer made navigation on the Rhine nearly impossible, which is why the authors of the list put the two rivers on the list. It is included in full for similar reasons Arizona country and Spain Malaga The neighborhood is also on the list. Surrounded by the ocean HawaiiLands, where the number of tourists and their water consumption increases the problem.

Do not travel to these places if you care about nature 2

Koh Tao, Thailand

Due to the protection of the natural environment, two locations in France have been added to the list: a Kalank There are a lot of visitors in the Normandy National Park Resturant And on its beaches, in addition to erosion caused by visitors, sea level rise also works against the place. It is located in Thailand Koh Tao On its island, the protection of wildlife, the undisturbed life of a rare turtle species, was the focus, while it was one of the most vulnerable points on our planet, Antarctica It became a member of the list due to the melting of snow as well as wildlife. The latter is surprising, because you wouldn’t necessarily think Antarctica would be a popular destination, but boat trips have been taking place here since the 1950s.

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