The UK will build an orbital solar power plant using SpaceX

The British government is considering designing and building a £16 billion solar power plant to collect green energy in space.

The government recently published an innovation program project called the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio, which also includes a section on space solar energy. This is one of a number of possible solutions to help the country achieve its goal of zero carbon emissions for 2050, Next Web magazine.

The Space Energy Initiative (SEI) project aims to build the first space power station in space by 2035, recently proposed by British Member of Parliament Mark Garnier SpaceX could put the planned solar satellite into orbit around the Earth.

The UK isn’t the first to suggest building solar power stations in space: Last year, China also announced plans to test a technology that would collect solar energy in the universe and then send it to power stations on Earth using a powerful, focused beam.

The UK government envisions a space-based solar power plant that will use a satellite fitted with solar panels Energy will be transmitted to Earth via high frequency radio wavesIt will be converted into electricity before being fed into the grid.

Unlike terrestrial solar power plants, which are affected by weather conditions and generate electricity during the day, a tropical solar power plant will fly in a geostationary orbit, which means sunlight will be constantly exposed.

The cost and emissions of building a plant of this size are a potential barrier to a project aimed at reducing the cost of renewable energy and achieving climate goals.

That’s why the British hope that SpaceX can rush to their aid and work together to solve any problems that may arise. The private airline may not have an agreement with SEI yet, but the organization is still developing its own technology, so it’s doubtful what will eventually happen to the collaboration.

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