The Summer Student Work Program - Economics - News Was Successful

The Summer Student Work Program – Economics – News Was Successful

The government supported the employment of a quarter of a million young people on vacation.

In July and August, 30,000 students worked full-time with the support of the Summer Student Work Program, the Minister of State for Employment Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology told MTI on Saturday. Sándor Bodó reminded: the original budget of HUF 3 billion was collected twice by the ministry due to active interest, so in the end, HUF 3.65 billion was used for youth vacation employment.

The foreign minister added that the programme, which was launched in 2013, has provided more than HUF 23 billion to support summer work for nearly 250,000 young people over nine years.

According to the announcement, the program will provide an opportunity for students to earn a living by working in real conditions during the holidays. Students can apply for student work in the municipality or companies. Either way, they can work for a maximum of 2 months as of July 1, but while the first can work for a maximum of 6 hours a day, the other for up to 8 hours a day.

Thus, students can earn a total of HUF 164,250 per month in skilled jobs and HUF 125,550 per month in unskilled jobs. The state took three-quarters of the profits of students working in companies engaged in agriculture, tourism and hospitality.

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