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The six goals scored are too small, and you have to look for flaws

As is known, the Hungarian women’s water polo team was eliminated from Spain in the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics with a score of 8-6, so it did not reach the finals. Our country plays the bronze match against Russia on Saturday. After the meeting, Attila Biro, the federal captain of the Hungarian national team, assessed what he had seen.

The Hungarian national team could fight for the bronze medal with the Russians (Photo: Istvan Mirko)

– What more have we done wrong?
“The human benefits didn’t go the way we wanted them to, however I say maybe we put a lot of energy into defence. Getting only eight from Spain is a great partial result, but it costs a lot of energy, which is why we could have been imprecise at first. But We still had the chance, though, with plenty of resources and a more refined finish, which could have been about a tie.

– Players also mentioned their impatience…
“Especially in the first half, I felt the same way, sometimes we shot quickly in some situations, and we never got that back.” Perhaps one or two players were turned away by the heat, while the Spaniards played their actions more routinely and with greater precision.

Did the girls have weight in the Olympic semi-finals?
– May be. Obviously, we told you a hundred times about the task, what and how to do it: for example, if we play patiently, then situations will come. We picked a bad finish a few times on both the shot and the last pass, and we missed out on some extra performances.

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“If we are well prepared, will the Spaniards win by any surprise?”
– No, I take the eight hits I get at any time and against anyone. With six ultra-thin goals scored, there is a need to look for fault. There were periods when we pushed for five minutes and were more and more impatient, pretty much after that. I am disappointed, of course, that this Spanish team could have been caught by now.

– How hard is it to bring the company together in the Bronze match? There could still be a nice ending to the games.
– That’s right, and we definitely want to win the medal. I have to let the girls go for a bit because you don’t mind chewing on this defeat. If they play more liberally, I’m sure you’ll get bronze.


“The attack didn’t go like that because the defense wasn’t like it was against Holland or America either Announced after the semi-final failure Alda Magyari. “We discussed everything, but if we don’t, we gain nothing.” We can’t discuss not paying everything, not talking about the goalkeeper, and then going crazy one by one. We also discussed in the back that we need the blocks to get out of the shot place, but if we don’t have the hand we can’t win. We need to correct our mistakes, we knew after China. If we come for a medal, we have to do what the coach or partner asks and not do nonsense! If we really came to win the medal, let’s play this way! “

“I can’t tell you what we did so badly in the middle that so many counter blows were directed at us He was sad Rebecca Parks. “Maybe we fought a lot in the second quarter and the Spaniards did well – but I can’t answer honestly. No. Obviously this is a disappointment, but the sun will shine tomorrow too, the Hungarian women’s team was already in the same boot, now we will not collapse, but we will be back in the match Bronze is even more powerful!”

“Most of all, I was impatient from the start He told me Dorothea Szilagy. “I was on guard: I wanted to be brave, but I became impatient – if we wanted a medal, it wouldn’t fit in the bronze match either.” We will be quieter! The Spaniards showed nothing new, they completely prepared us. This match was not based on defense, but on attack which we usually don’t have a problem with, but now unfortunately. I never wanted to catch referees because we got the chances too, we just used to shoot forums with much better efficiency… we beat ourselves up.”

“I think we worried a little bit about them as we won our sixth semi-final against them this week. He said from the Spanish side Roser Tarago. “We defended ourselves very hard and aggressively, giving our best, it seems.” I’m grateful to be here and I’m sure the team that wins the final will suffer because of it.”

Tokyo 2020
water polo, women

Spain-Hungary 8-6 (2–0, 3–2, 3–2, 0–2)
Tokyo, behind closed gates. led: Peres (Croatian), Botnikovic (Serbian)
Spain: Ramos – A. Espar 3, Tarago, C Espar, Lytton, Ortiz 1, Pena. exchange: M. García 1, Ruíz 2, Bach, Forca 1, I. González. Federal Captain: Miguel Oka
Hungary: Magyari A. – SZILÁGYI D. 3, Keszthelyi-Nagy 1, Garda, Parkes, Szücs G., Vályi V.1. exchange: Rybanska, Gurisatti, Elijah 1, Leimeter, Gyöngyössy. Federal Captain: Judge Atilla
Objective – Human Advantage: 6/1, sick. 9/1
The goal – a double human advantage: 2 / – , sick. 2/2
Target – from five meters: –, will. 1/1
focused on: Ortiz (31. p.)

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In the other semi-finals
Russian team – USA 11-15 (3–2, 4–4, 2–5, 2–4)
AZ 5-8. for a place
China and the Netherlands 6-13 (0-1, 2-5, 1-2, 3-5)
Australia and Canada 10-10 (2-3, 2-3, 2-3, 2-2) – Five meters 4-2

Saturday, August 7
for seventh place
China and Canada
for fifth place
4.00: Netherlands and Australia
Bronze match
6.40: Hungary-Russia team
9.30 am Spanish and US time

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