The Saints Row studio has migrated under a new leader

Volition is no longer a subsidiary of Plaion (formerly Koch Media; it also includes Deep Silver).

Embracer Group has announced that it has implemented a minor reorganization due to the Saints Row Reboot failure. Game developer Volition has moved to a new subsidiary. Now not part of Plaion, but of Gearbox Entertainment (yes, the fast-growing Swedish conglomerate actually caught them!). Lars Wingfors, CEO of Embracer, said of the “move”:

Saints Row’s reception didn’t live up to expectations, and the fanbase was somewhat polarized. The studio behind the game, Volition, has been working hard to improve the player experience. Financially, Saints Row performed in line with management’s expectations this quarter. From now on Going forward, Volition will become part of Gearbox, which has all the tools (including an experienced US management team) to ensure Volition’s future success. This is the first in-group relocation of a major studio between operational groups, but it won’t necessarily be the last.”

The timing cannot be called accidental. On Wednesday, Saints Row Reboot’s first major update was released, which according to Volition contains more than two hundred fixes, and they mainly focused on game stability, as well as bugs in co-op play with this big update. Volition has confirmed that this big update is just the beginning, and that it will support the latest Saints Row after 2022, so content updates and bug fixes will continue within Gearbox.

Embracer CEO Lars Wingfors told investors in September He said On the Saints Row reboot: “Personally, I would have liked a better reception of the game. Opinion was very divided. Many things can be said and details can be circled so that many players and fans will be satisfied. At the same time, I am sad that the fans are also not happy This is a difficult issue.

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I am confident that we will make money from the investment. Will the reward be as big as we have seen in many other games? It’s unlikely, but we’ll make money from it, and it’s a good place to start. Obviously you always want every bit of every IP address to be better than the last, but you value your site and the score… and hundreds of people [van]Who participates in this game in the group. It was largely stated that the franchise might have to be reconsidered…

This will happen under the gearbox …

source: VGC

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