According to a Bethesda employee, development for The Elder Scrolls 6 has not yet begun

According to a LinkedIn profile, Elder Scrolls is in the sixth stage of preparation, while Starfield is already in production

Bethesda’s 2022 machine will undoubtedly be the Starfield, which is set to hit PC and Xbox on November 11. Due to the merger with Microsoft, the game will not leave the Xbox ecosystem if it can be inferred from Phil Spencer’s words, as The Elder Scrolls VI seems far away.

This week, bad news has been given to those who have been anxiously awaiting the numbered sixth part of the RPG saga. It appears that the title is still in pre-production, so it is in a very early stage of development. This is what the LinkedIn profile of Fanny Manset, an employee at Bethesda suggests.

Manst explained in a job update earlier this month that the company is in the process of preparing for The Elder Scrolls VI, while Starfield is in production:Bethesda Game Studios is a leader in open-world games, preparations are underway for Starfield, the first new world in 25 years, and the long-awaited The Elder Scrolls VI.. “

We already knew that Bethesda was fully focused on the new sci-fi franchise, but we were hoping for better news about the fantasy franchise, as the new sequel was announced in 2018. That’s when e 3At the conference, the company only showed a short teaser, in which we can see the logo confirmed so far.

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