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The release year is finally here, and new images from the game have arrived

The release year is finally here, and new images from the game have arrived

System Shock is one of the predecessors and even the origins of immersive simulators, without which BioShock or Prey would not have been possible. The sci-fi survivor horror has been working on its remake for a while, and until Nightdive Studios, the development team is communicating directly from the reboot about it, which means we can expect a large-scale project that will hopefully bring the 1994 classic to life in a decent way. The good news is that its release year has finally been set: Nigthdive is committed to releasing a remake of System Shock sometime in 2022. To enjoy this, we’ve got two new images that we’ve rounded up in the gallery below.

Nightdive also announceThey have teamed up with a division of media conglomerate Koch Media called Prime Matter (Mount & Blade 2), which is the company’s game publisher along with Deep Silver and Ravenscourt, so System Shock will appear under their auspices. In this way, the game will appear for the first time simultaneously in versions distributed on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series, as well as digital and physical media. Kickstarter backers will be able to participate in a beta test in early 2022 steam They can experience system shock remake more thoroughly than the demo available. Nightdive Studios continues to deliver on its promise that System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition, an updated version of the sequel no less classic, will debut with the new releases, and will be available for pre-order processors for free.

According to the story, the player wakes up in Citadel Station, the research base of a large company called TriOptimum, after a coma that lasted six months, only here escaped from hell thanks to the artificial intelligence that leads CS, SHODAN, other atrocities that break into the player’s life. The mission is to survive and prevent Shodan from shaping the Earth in its own image. During processing, the power of Unreal Engine 4 will take care of the modern visual world, but the game mechanics and artificial intelligence will also develop, and new weapons, areas and game elements will wait for the brave users, where the atmosphere of horror will be even more. intense from the original.

There is also a TV series on this topic, you can read about it here.

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