The Olympians opened the new Mol Café in a central location in the capital

The Olympians opened the new Mol Café in a central location in the capital

With longtime swimmer Katinka, fencer Áron Szilágyi and water polo players Krisztián Manhercz and Dániel Varga, Mol’s downtown café, Fresh Corner Café has opened in the Europeum shopping center on Blaha Lujza Square in one of Budapest’s centres. Mall said the restaurant, which has moved to a new and even larger location, continues to serve refreshments throughout the day with a selection of fresh, high-quality coffees, crisp hot dogs, fresh and local sandwiches, soups, salads, lemonade, and smoothies.

Mol’s “Shape Tomorrow” 2030+ updated long-term strategy specifically focuses on improving consumer services, with the company aiming to get closer to customers by constantly changing consumers’ changing needs and offering services that make their daily lives easier.

Our longtime Olympic swimming champion Katinka was also present at the opening of the new Moles Café Fresh CornerSource: Sorok

The newly opened Fresh Corner Café in the Europeum shopping center in Blaha Lujza is a perfect example of this, the company having in mind the needs of both those who want a comfortable coffee and those who are in a hurry to work or elsewhere in the city. Thus, in addition to the 27-seat café, the 135-square-meter café contains self-service coffee machines that allow customers to make their coffee and pay with one touch, as well as a takeaway area where customers can quickly purchase breakfast or lunch during peak hours.

The entrance to the café is located in the Europeum shopping center at Blaha LujzaSource: Tamás

“We have learned a lot in the past three years since we opened Fresh Corner Café, and the café has evolved into its current location. With this move, it will open up new opportunities for us, as we can establish a café in one of the busiest locations in Budapest, which can be a real meeting point” , said Gabor Mozja, Head of Sales and Operations at The Mol Group.

Mol started redesigning filling stations six years ago in the spirit of the Fresh Corner concept, and today nearly every second filling station offers consumers fresh food and high-quality coffee. The success of the concept is further proven by the fact that in 2020, despite the pandemic, 46 million cups of coffee were sold at Mol filling stations in the region.

Guests are waiting for a sophisticated interior designSource: Tamás

The company left the framework of gas stations in 2018, when the Fresh Corner cafe opened in the city center of Budapest. The company will use the experience of the past three years in an open-air café in the Europeum shopping center in Blaha Lujza, this time in a larger and busier location.

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