The number of hedgehogs in rural Britain is declining dramatically

The British Hedgehog Conservation Society (BHPS) and the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) said on Tuesday that the rural population has fallen by 30 to 75 per cent since the turn of the millennium, mostly in eastern England. Conservationists estimate that in 2018 there were only 897,000 specimens of endangered species living in Britain, mainly due to the narrowing or fragmentation of their habitats, but many animals were also victims of dogs and road accidents. However, there are also encouraging signs, for example, it seems that cities are regenerating in cities.

Although the number of urban hedgehogs declined by a quarter in the 2000s, the population accustomed to the urban environment appears to have since stabilized. This position also highlights the importance of parks and green spaces, as well as local measures for the species’ future, said conservationists who want to work closely with future farmers to find hedgehogs at least in the countryside. Citizen there for half a million years. Activists noted in a Tuesday report that the population has been in a historic decline, but in recent times the fate of rural and urban residents appears to be divided.


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