The month of pools is coming now Bama

The month of pools is coming now Bama

An interesting series of six unbeaten matches has been prepared by Football NB II. In the first month of Szentlőrinc, where he opened the season with five draws, and only after that came the first success.

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Christmass decided based on a meaningless impact evaluation

Szentlőrinc’s framework has changed a lot since the previous season, among other things Szombathely’s education, András Jancsó also joined the goalkeeper. In addition to his developing experience with him on the Marián Sluka team, he also appears to have important goals, such as the III. During his success against the neighborhood, his hit opened up a series of hits.

“I also wanted to switch because I have had fewer opportunities to play in progress in the last year or two. I was looking for a place where I could play all the time and could prove that I had more than I valued. Fortunately, after the first six rounds, it was like that. I hope that The trend continues – the 25-year-old midfielder started asking us. “They’ve only rested for Wednesday’s game so far because I joined the frame later and the master doesn’t want me to get injured due to overload. I got what I expected, I feel good about the team. The unity of the team, the staff, the community itself, the conditions are good, the sympathetic small medium is good.
The introduction was intriguingly successful for Lőrinc, as it is not uncommon for the goalkeeper to be defeated five times in a row, particularly in the first rounds.

It was a good start to the season. If I had been told up front that we weren’t going out in the first six rounds, I would have signed. Obviously that includes six iksz, which wouldn’t be very good, but the way we last won was arguably good in August – he struck a balance, adding, he doesn’t remember anything like that ever happening, even during the season, but Siófok still also added one. – The problem is that in this three-point system iksz doesn’t count for much, and it can’t go further, but the fact that we didn’t lose shows the team’s strength and character.

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He added that they had an advantage three times in the five draws, and he felt they should have won then, but they were able to equalize the other two places, demonstrating their control.

“Then September will be a turning point where we need to look, forward or backward. Our goal is to score as many points as possible and make sure we stay inside as quickly as possible.” – If we look at things and players at the team level, the midfield can be quite realistic. If the team is together, focused and united, a 10-12 can definitely be achieved. one of the places.
He also said that the break was so beneficial that there were players who joined him similarly later and could work a bit more. They train hard and also play a practice match on Saturday as the coach is demanding, so there won’t be much loss of rhythm.

Great ten minutes

Jancsó declared that the first success came in the sixth round, which is why they had better play champions this weekend as well, because it could have given a boost. Mainly by playing a great match at the third level. Area. His shot was followed by a Grumics goal and a Harsányi brace.
– We had a pretty good ten minutes. I think every player would like to have such a period for his team in the first half of the matches. He revealed that these are the best matches in a footballer’s life when “the match is decided in ten minutes” and you just have to keep score.

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