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The manufacturer has not yet requested local acceptance of the popular weight loss injection

The manufacturer has not yet requested local acceptance of the popular weight loss injection

It became incredibly popular Novo Nordisk WiGov Weight loss injections, so much so that the company cannot even meet the increasing demand. Not only is there a shortage in supply, but preparation is also very expensive.

The Danish pharmaceutical company has not yet submitted an application for acceptance, so the question of TB support has not yet arisen, Economics has learned.

In the United States, the cost of treatment is about 36 million HUF per year, but for those without adequate health insurance, the cost of treatment can reach 57 million HUF. Meanwhile, in Germany and the Netherlands, after converting it to forints, we can get the prescribed dose for 1.3 million per year. This may be due to TB support, which can be of great help to those who are overweight. But the governments of some countries negotiate directly With pharmaceutical factories On setting lower prices, which contributes to large variations in list prices.

The inclusion of medicines in social insurance is a process that begins with an application submitted by the holder of the specific medicine marketing authorization to the National Health Insurance Fund (NEAK).

Nick told our newspaper that during the admission procedure, the decision is made after a multifaceted professional examination of the health policy and cost-effectiveness.

In the case of signal areas already declared under the law, NEAK can make a decision within its own authority. In cases where the application for admission is directed to a new therapeutic area, a legislative amendment is required

They added.

We have written here in detail about the details, prices, product applicability and the situation in Hungary regarding excess weight.

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