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The main role is the living room | SZMSZ (Free Hungarian word)

When we think about our home, it is clear that the main role is the living room. This is the room where the whole family gathers, where we welcome our guests, and we sit around the table at a birthday or Christmas dinner.

Of course everyone’s living room is different, and we are different. But with regard to the living room, there are aspects to consider when decorating it.

The centerpiece of every living room: the sofa

Furniture that is the central element in the living room, sofas and that momax . sofa sets There are large numbers. You don’t need a bed in this room, but the sofa is more than that. However, there are unwritten rules that must be followed for consistency.

The first is that we don’t put a small sofa in a spacious living room, just like a huge sofa in a small living room. On the one hand, due to crowding, and on the other hand, due to obstruction of movement in the room.

The main place of the sofa is facing the entrance, but here it can be pushed against the wall or in the middle of the living room. If there is enough space to choose the latter option, then the space will be more airy and will also serve as a room divider.

It is important to choose this piece of furniture taking into account the size of the beds: if the beds are large, then the L- or U-shaped sofa gives more options. Furthermore, if our guests stay, this piece can function as a bed.

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If the space is large enough, the sofa can be doubled: it creates an elegant impression when two sofas are placed opposite each other. In order to increase the seating capacity, we can also put armchairs or cushions next to it.

The rest of the living room furniture

A sofa can do it alone, with plants and a rug, but that only looks good in a smaller room. If we have enough space, it is good if it is possible to walk through the living room, but there should also be plenty of storage space. That’s why it’s worth investing in a living room wardrobe or shelving system where you can put your books, memories and trinkets.

Next to the sofa and armchairs, a coffee table or a party cart, which is now fashionable again, looks good. Today, this is not used much for storing mugs and drinks, but rather for TV, reading accessories, newspapers, and plants. It’s also okay if it’s out of line, that is, its style is different from the rest of the furniture in the room.

You can also put a display case in the living room, if you have a group or hobby, their pieces will look great in it. Although sometimes this storage furniture is categorized as vintage, there are also modern and elegant pieces that can be used to brighten up a space.

Living Room Accessories

The living room is a place for relaxation and rest, so the color of the wall should not be loud or dramatic. Whether it’s in the wall or furniture, neutral colors are more fortunate.

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If we still want something luxurious and fun, we can sneak it in with a clever selection of decorative pillows, pictures and picture frames, as well as curtains. You can buy all of these in the mömax web store!

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