The kitchen is a life-threatening place, and the life of a chef is like that of a firefighter

May 2, 2023 – 5:23 PM

Is the kitchen really such a brutal and bloody place as it appears from Anthony Bourdain’s definitive cookbook, or rather, as it appears from cooking shows? The bright and dark sides of the profession are based on the stories of a chef.

In this week’s edition of Izfokozó, we try to clarify the paradox that lives in people’s minds regarding chefs and restaurant kitchens.

Is it really a difficult and inhuman profession for a chef that requires endless aggressiveness and toughness, or is this image more accurate? If a restaurant kitchen is such a brutal place, why is it a good idea to be in this madly spinning mess? Why is the hierarchy among chefs important, what are the importance of jobs and roles, and how can you build a career in this profession?

Marcy Cave, a chef, attempts to navigate these questions based on her domestic and foreign experiences. We’ll talk about kitchen stabs, humiliation, burnout, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and why chefs are witches.

“What you see on the outside of this profession is Beethoven’s symphony, and what’s inside is the procession of the techno dawn.”

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