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The indicator – abroad – there will not be a catastrophic shutdown in the United States, but Ukraine will not receive new money

The indicator – abroad – there will not be a catastrophic shutdown in the United States, but Ukraine will not receive new money

A few days ago, we wrote about the fact that the United States is threatened with a government shutdown due to budget problems, according to which, among other things, millions of workers in the American public sector could have remained without pay. It seemed very close on Saturday, with less than 24 hours remaining for Republican and Democratic lawmakers to reach an agreement.

In the end, a closure with disastrous last-minute consequences could have been avoided. a sample CNN Kevin McCarthy, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, first announced Saturday morning local time that after several weeks they have finally reached an agreement on the issue and will introduce the bill that will provide sufficient funds for the House. More government action.

After that, the House of Representatives in the US legislature first approved the draft settlement by a large majority, then the Senate also gave its approval, and finally Joe Biden signed it, making the clause become a law. With this solution, it was possible to ensure the continuation of the US government’s work until November 17, but not everything was funded.

For example, Congress has not approved any additional funds for additional financial and military support to Ukraine under the current resolution.

Ukraine was the most controversial point

Support for Ukraine was one of the most divisive points in this debate, and according to the first draft, the government was to receive additional funds for this purpose until mid-November. But some Republican lawmakers opposed this, and in the end, because of this, the funds for it had to be withdrawn.

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Later, Michael Bennet of the Democrats threatened to veto it, specifically because the government would not receive more money to support Ukraine. Ultimately, this was averted by the fact that Republican and Democratic senators reached a compromise, and senators from both parties jointly passed a tentative resolution stating that “in the next few weeks,” another vote would be taken on increasing funds for Ukraine. will be held. Meanwhile, Democratic politicians in the House of Representatives announced that they expect Kevin McCarthy to introduce a bill on the same issue when the House reconvenes.

Joe Biden also spoke

After averting a government shutdown, the President of the United States stated that “under no circumstances should U.S. aid to Ukraine be allowed to be disrupted.” He also added that Saturday’s decision gave them an additional 47 days, but Congress should use this period to finalize the budget for the next fiscal year.

Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy’s position may also become precarious due to his introduction of a compromise proposal that would avert a government shutdown on Saturday, as extreme GOP politicians have previously threatened to begin impeaching him. The politician said that in his opinion he did what he had to do, and if someone didn’t like him, he could try to replace him.