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The singer has shed a significant amount of excess weight in recent years.

Vera Toth talked about her lifestyle change on her Instagram page. And the singer honestly explained to her followers how she came to the decision to change her appearance with the help of medical intervention, and also talked about the thoughts and feelings she was going through during that period.

“I’m the girl in the first picture, I don’t deny it. Every minute I could spend in that body was golden, because for some reason it taught me to do life differently, showed me what it’s like to be in the prison of a giant body and turn inward in my last despair, Thus getting to know the true nature of the soul. After all, such an appearance sets limits, urges patience, shames the outside world, provokes obsessive thoughts, and constantly liberates you. I suffer from doubts constantly even when everything seems to be fine. Of course, I kissed her several times and I thought they didn’t perceive me any differently from a skinny person, but I knew that in fact that was not the case. The truth is painful for someone who is obese. Of course, I lived in this strange loneliness, in the body of a whale with the personality of a fragile little bird, but I was I know I had to change, even if only because of my health,” said the former Megastar winner, who says the road he is on is still very difficult, but he still considers it the best decision to go under the knife in 7 years.

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This has led me to a real balanced life that hasn’t been easy to achieve, and maintaining results is an eternal challenge. I wouldn’t get it any other way. I pride myself on still being willing to listen to my deepest intuition

Vera Toth concluded her post by showing before and after photos of her weight loss here can be seen.

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