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The Index – FOMO – It’s only two hours of sleep and we can watch one of our favorite Netflix series again

The Index – FOMO – It’s only two hours of sleep and we can watch one of our favorite Netflix series again

Artificial intelligence is a topic that’s increasingly hard to ignore these days – the world has been in a ChatGPT fever for half a year, with little to no exaggeration.

The OpenAI Research Lab’s AI turbo chatbots are used by people in a variety of ways. So it’s no surprise that the creator of the award-winning Netflix series, Charlie Brooker, has had the opportunity to see what the technology that regularly plays a leading role in his content can do.

According to Charlie Brooker, ChatGPT also influenced the creative process. “I played with ChatGPT a bit,” he told Empire. in his interview.

The first thing I did was write ‘Making a Black Mirror episode’ and I came up with something that looks believable at first glance, but is just rubbish at second.”

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All the chatbot did was look at summaries of Black Mirror episodes and then mix them together. If we dig a little deeper, we can see that there is nothing really original here.

And while ChatGPT’s Black Mirror episode was useless, it proved useful for Brooker in pointing out many of the cliches he had created.

“I knew I’d written a lot of episodes where someone would say, ‘Oh, I was on the computer the whole time,'” Brooker said.

Then the creator also said that thanks to this, you can expect some change in the image in the next parts of the series.

I thought I’d throw out everything I thought about what I thought on an episode of Black Mirror. There’s no point in an anthology series if you can’t break your own rules

– said Charlie Brooker.

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The sequel comes after a hiatus of a few years

After a four-year hiatus, season six of Black Mirror is coming to Netflix on Thursday, promising five all-new episodes of unsettling dystopian goodness. Actors Aaron Paul, Salma Hayek Pinault, Michael Cera and Ben Barnes will also appear in the upcoming season.

Black Mirror episodes primarily deal with the harmful effects of technology and its impact on people’s behavior, which is why Brooker’s experience with ChatGPT is particularly important.

Netflix has since released a teaser trailer that hints at what’s to come. In the trailer, viewers can get a glimpse of a file Joanne is awful In the episode, Salma Hayek plays a woman who is shocked to discover that a streaming service has made a TV series based on her life.

The series has been one of the longest running and most popular series on the US streaming platform since 2011, and its new season will be released on Netflix in two days, on June 15. The trailer can be viewed below: