The Hungarian water polo team lost first place

The Hungarian water polo team lost first place

The Hungarian water polo team lost first place

The Hungarian team suffered an 11-9 defeat of China in the fourth round match on Sunday of the women’s water polo tournament at the Tokyo Olympics, to finish second in Group B.

Images source: MTI / Illyés Tibor

Attila Bíró’s students in Group A will play with the third place holder in Group A, the Netherlands or Canada, for the top four places. The Dutch-Canadian showdown will take place at the Tacum Water Polo Center from 8.30 a.m. CET, MTI reports.

It was known before the match that the Hungarians had enough of a draw to win first place in the second set, because the score against each other against the United States is in their favour. This time around, Idina Jungle, an outstanding defensive player against the Japanese, was left out of the match.

While swimming, Valle brought the ball, but the Hungarians could not score in the match. The Chinese were also able to lead the work in a people-friendly mode, but they were not effective. However, they managed to take the lead, and a little later, having played in the goal, their advantage increased to two goals. The Hungarians hit the post three times, and once the opponent’s goalkeeper bravely defended, the difference was already three times with the new Chinese goal. Ilya managed to embellish it with a superb shot two minutes before the end of the quarter, but the opponent succeeded again before the bagpipe.

The second act started with a Szücs goal, then for minutes the defenses were the main role again. First, China managed to break the back shape, then after excluding the Hungarian situation in a row, the difference swelled to four goals with another injury from the Asians. Attila Peru’s students had a clear attack, and when they managed to shoot, they shot at the goal, the opponent’s goalkeeper defended, or tried after the attack time was over. The Chinese, who had succeeded again, were able to get a breather with a five-goal lead that seemed reassuring to them.

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There were no goals on either side for minutes at the start of the third quarter, then the Chinese captain asked for some time, but his team only managed to score from the second action that followed. Elise cut the difference from six to five, and Attila Biro asked for the time just two minutes before the end of the match. Gurisatti then succeeded, then Keszthelyi hit him in the match for the first time on his seventh attempt. In the final minutes of the quarter, Gorissati responded to a Chinese goal, allowing both sides to cut the latter half of the match by three goals.

There was no goal in the first half of the last eight minutes, then the Chinese captain asked for time, but his team still failed to score. On the other hand, Gorisati succeeded, then a Chinese goal was canceled after a video review. The Hungarian left Zyser at Für, but then from five meters Jurisati reduced the difference to one goal. The opponent can also try with a penalty kick and was successful. The response of the Hungarians came a little slow, moreover, before the bagpipe, China pushes again, so it won the meeting.

Fed captain Attila said: “The Chinese were not surprised, we beat ourselves by not being able to attack. The opponent is stronger physically, so they didn’t give our positions a chance, and I also felt tired of the team.” They changed their defenses, which, perhaps, could have been faster, said Peru, thanks to which Alda Magyari found himself in goal.

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The Hungarian Grid Guard believed that they should have trusted the blocks better. As for the sequel, he said no one can fall apart now because you have to play better than that to win medals.

“It is not possible to start any game like this,” Kristina Garda said. “I don’t know why we didn’t find a goal but we also had problems in defence.”

“Nothing happened! We arrived in Tokyo for the next three matches. In the evening, everyone has to make do with what happened.

– He said the best of the Hungarian team, Greta Gorissati with four goals is optimistic.

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