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It turns out if dogs and cats dream

It turns out if dogs and cats dream

Science also answers questions about animal dreams.

If you have already noticed your dog or cat while you are sleeping, you may be wondering if he is dreaming. Do they play with the owner in their dreams or do they prefer to hunt? The According to a report by the scientific journal Discover Researchers cannot know what animals dream about, but they have good arguments that they dream about, too. Even if he’s not quite like people.

Most people dream about rapid eye movement. In this stage, the brain is working so intensely that its electrical activity is more like a waking state than other stages of sleep.

Scientists have already confirmed that animals also go through this REM stage.

During these periods, animal brains also exhibit electrical activity similar to that of humans. This has been observed in mammals, birds, and reptiles, but even fish, among others. Of course, this doesn’t prove that they are dreaming either, but the results show that they can experience something similar to us at times like these.

Do dogs dream of playing with their owner? (Photo: MTI / Tibor Illyés)

During the REM phase, muscles are unable to move, however, if this atonement does not occur, people can also kick and hoe in their dreams. Likewise, the researchers note that if

When cats sleep, they stop their muscles, and still move the same way, trying to grasp something as if they were awake.

An important function of human dreams is to strengthen memory. This means that the brain regulates the experiences that are experienced during the day during sleep. Strange things can also happen at times like these, leading to amazing dreams. A similar phenomenon was observed in mice. The activity of their brains in their dream was as if they were running in the experimental maze and finally reaching their target food. This showed that in their dreams, the mice practiced the path of victory.

Can cats catch mice in their dreams? (Image:

To be sure, animals also need to strengthen their memories of the daylight hours.

This study in mice also shows that this can be done in a similar way to humans while sleeping. Every animal sleeps, and the part that people call a dream may serve a purpose similar to them.

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