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Is this a period of change? Here’s what science says about becoming a better person

Is this a period of change?  Here’s what science says about becoming a better person

We tend to regard good people as credible and weak, even though a positive attitude and empathy are far from it. kindness It does not include the need to suppress our own needs and feelings for others. It’s a lot more about self-respect as well as caring.

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a psychology according to The path to becoming a better person begins with letting go of negative feelings. Although anger, jealousy, and sadness are normal feelings, if we fall into one of these feelings for too long, we can become depressed and selfish. Negative thoughts also negatively affect self-esteem and self-confidence, resulting in irritable reactions to others. to be more positive, We need to find the root causes and consciously keep them under control our feelings.

Be helpful!

By donating more than you get, you feel better too. There is also a need to build healthy relationships. The quantity and quality of your social relationships affect your mental health and behavior. Having a positive and fulfilling relationship with your parents, siblings, partners, friends and co-workers will make you happy. You strive harder to make your loved ones proud of you, but if you fall into the trap of toxic and abusive relationships, you become extremely stressful and anxious. If you become someone your loved ones can count on, and Whoever will be the driving force of the relationship, everyone will find happiness and contentment.

Do you do things that make you happy and say no to those who make you unhappy? No, you are not selfish, that’s absolutely true! You cannot stand positively with others until you are kind to yourself. Self-care is worth doing daily: Get enough sleep, eat right, exercise regularly, learn new skills, and achieve your dreams. It is important not to look for excuses.

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Awareness, experiencing moments allows you to actively observe the world around you. Researchers have found that a mindful lifestyle encourages us to empathize with people who become victims.

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