The Game Pass offer will be expanded by 6 games, but a huge favorite is leaving soon

The Game Pass offer will be expanded by 6 games, but a huge favorite is leaving soon

This is the start of the month, so announce the titles Microsoft will add – and narrow down – to bring the Xbox Game Pass. We may not have cause for many of the complaints, although this may be good news for sports fans in the first place. Madden NFL 21, for example, is already available (for consoles), but you don’t have to wait for Football Manager 2021 either – it’s also available for PC and Xbox (the latter is called the Xbox version). NBA 2K21 is good for basketball fans, not only on console, but also on mobile with the help of xCloud. Finally, sometime in March, he will join Star Wars Squadrons and in early April, release the NHL 21 console.

As usual, unfortunately, the supply is not only expanding, but also declining. Alvastia Chronicles, Astrologaster, Bloodstainded: Ritual of the Night, Kona, and … Unfortunately, the (console) version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will also be discontinued starting March 15th. Of course, Microsoft still doesn’t consider violators “final”, so some of them might come back later, but now we can say goodbye to Geralt of Rivia and his company on a Netflix-like service for a while. Fortunately, however, in nearly every major move, this cool CD RED project roleplaying game tends to depreciate quite seriously, so for some reason, anyone who doesn’t really own it will sooner or later get it for a penny. .

The “regular” version of Xbox Game Pass costs $ 10 for less than 1 cent, while the Ultimate Edition (along with the Gold subscription) costs $ 15 for less than 1 cent – but can often get it much cheaper at various discounts.

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