The former Rome SZDSZ activist was not granted Canadian asylum

The former Rome SZDSZ activist was not granted Canadian asylum

After more than five years, the procedure ended in Canada, where former SZDSZ Viktória Mohácsi applied for political asylum, in December of last year. The Hungarian nation. The request of the former member of the European Parliament was rejected, and my lawyer told the newspaper that he was surprised by the decision, and the first reinstatement session was held on April 10.

Former Ministerial Commissioner for the Inclusion of Roma and Disadvantaged Children, a former Member of the European Parliament from SZDSZ, left Hungary at the end of 2011 and applied for political asylum in Toronto, Canada, according to a TV program because he received life threatening threats in Hungary. After criticizing the slow progress in uncovering the Roma murders in 2008 and 2009.

According to the article, the narrator of the show added that a more serious role in the behavior of the defender was the fact that the Gyurcsany government, according to Mahasi, had decided to conceal and encrypt information about the murders for 80 years. This is because “some say they might associate some government officials with the killers.” Mohagse added that he would face a fifteen-year prison sentence if he spoke about these issues, and that he feared that the “long hand” of the Hungarian intelligence service could extend to Canada, writes The Hungarian Nation.

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