Hockey: DEAC strengthened with the 26-year-old Canadian midfielder

Hockey: DEAC strengthened with the 26-year-old Canadian midfielder

DEAC has announced at the International Hockey League (Erste Liga) on its official website that it has signed 26-year-old Canadian midfielder Blake Orban, who recently played for MAC Újbuda in the Tipsport League.

Blake Urban (right) following in Debrecen (Photo: Chappa Dumotor)

Orban arrived at MAC in the spring of 2019, where he performed with his six-year-old cousin Prince, who has been in Hungary since 2015 and already made his debut for the Hungarian national team.

Orban has played primarily in Canada during his career, MAC being his first as a Legionnaire, and according to the DEAC website, he could play with former teammate Clint Fliebrand at Debrecen again.

“I was just looking for a team, so the offer came in Debrecen. I have heard a lot of good things about the professional work going on here, I know a strong team is forming under the auspices of the university and I hope to be able to help my new team a lot this season! It is a particular pleasure for me! Being able to play together again with my fellow university clerk Clint Vilbrandt, I am confident I will be able to make a very good duo,” dish Canadian 26 years old.

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