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The draft Glasgow Climate Agreement describes fossil energy as less effective, but not sufficient for salvation

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Despite protests from Saudi Arabia, Australia, China, Russia and India, the Glasgow Climate Agreement remains in place in drawing The paragraph on “inefficient fossil energy sources” urges their disposal as soon as possible. In addition to countries that depend on fossil resources, the major oil companies have also protested against the wording. This is the first time that these energy sources have been officially named as a source of problems.

Although the current climate summit is called historic, the positions of the member states differ radically. Member states are also in it They argued, it all depends on the extent of global warming: 21 countries, including China and Russia, the biggest emitters, don’t share concerns about two-degree warming or the role of fossil fuels in the problem. The current text of the agreement includes 1.5 grades of stainless steel. UN Report 2021 to me Rising temperatures will have dire consequences. August document to me Warming has already reached 1.2 degrees, and if the current trend continues, it will put the lives and livelihoods of millions of people at risk.

There is so much Duma, so little work

The outlines of the current agreement state that member states must take “rapid, in-depth and sustainable action” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There’s something to be said: An analysis released Tuesday indicates that reaching the 1.5-degree climate target looks hopeless based on current trends.

A climate protection organization called the Climate Action Tracker (CAT) Analytics According to 40 member states that have zero emissions targets for 85 percent of global emissions reductions, but there are no real plans behind the promises. Only six percent of emissions cuts appear to be justified, and member states’ 2030 targets do not support the long-term plans that have been expressed.

Although the text at the end of the climate summit finally included the harmful role of fossil fuels in the environment, the oil lobby and the largest users LinkTo make the text less stringent, and for it to be formally adopted, all 197 nations participating in the climate summit must sign the document.

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