The consumer mood in America is getting brighter

In January, US consumer sentiment turned out to be better than expected in the University of Michigan monthly survey.

The consumer mood in America is getting brighter.
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The consumer confidence index rose to 64.9 points in January from 59.7 points in December instead of the expected 64.6 points. In January, the Consumer Confidence Index improved for the second month in a row, but it was still 3.4 percent lower than a year earlier and well below the long-term average.

Instead of the expected 68.6 points, the value of the quantitative index of current situation opinion rose slightly to 68.4 points in January from 59.4 points the previous month.

The perception of prospects among consumers improved, and the related index rose to 62.7 points in January from 59.9 points in December instead of the expected 62.0 points.

They said no to the trillion dollar platinum coin

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen described it as a gimmick Trillion dollar coin issuanceHe refused to use the Fed for this tool. The US Congress did not raise the country’s debt ceiling before the midterm elections last year, so the country is once again threatened by the fear of bankruptcy. The platinum coin could have been used as a legal loophole to avoid this.

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