The collapse of the universe could happen sooner than expected: Scientists were also surprised by the discovery - Terras

The collapse of the universe could happen sooner than expected: Scientists were also surprised by the discovery – Terras

In a world expanding and contracting, the latter process could happen sooner than previously thought, scientists say could happen within 100 million years.

One The study was published in April 2022 According to the universe, it will enter a slow contraction phase earlier than expected.

shrinking universe

There is no exaggeration in this discovery. The research writes that this process fits well with the latest theories of periodic cosmology, as well as conjectures about quantum gravity.

Billions of years ago, the distance between galaxies and the expansion of the universe significantly increased. There are researchers who say this expansion process cannot be stopped because the amount of dark energy in the density of space is “cosmologically constant” – and now it turns out they may have been wrong.

Dark energy, which has been researched to this day, consists of a core and is not at all stationary, it works against gravity, so it can accelerate the expansion of the universe. This in turn also means that the resistance of a particular material to gravity may disappear or at least weaken. And when the stretching process stops, the next step begins, which is contraction.

Rare stretching universe

The phenomenon known as the big bang led to the expansion of the universe. This happens when the particles that make up the world condense so much that they practically collapse. According to theoretical physicist Sean Carroll, the effects of dark energy on the expansion can even be reversed and become a kind of gravity, which only accelerates the collapse of the universe.

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Scientists have figured out how long this process can take, and they say the expansion will be completed in 65 million years, so the universe could shrink in less than 100 million years from now, which experts say will happen suddenly soon.

Despite the fact that 100 million years may seem very far away, the period itself is not really long, and on a cosmic scale it is very short. Proving the theory may take a long time, because scientists have to analyze the signals coming from light years away.

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The universe holds a lot of curiosity. Thanks to astronomers, you can learn more and more about how the solar system works.

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